Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Build stronger relationships & expand your sales opportunities with Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a powerful marketing tool that will enable your organisation to engage with their customers at scale, and build deeper, more interactive relationships using the applications enhanced automation features and AI technology that enables users to create, distribute & receive feedback on high quality campaigns at a lightning fast pace.

Built with a modern interface , Dynamics 365 Marketing helps organisations communicate with clients, extend outreach and create & distribute marketing events to a selected audience of potential, or existing customers.

TechIntegrate Dynamics 365 Marketing Experience

Dynamics Marketing is one of the more recent applications introduced to the Dynamics 365 application stack. It has proved immensely popular with our customers with demand being significantly for customers wishing to expand their marketing capabilities through the use of campaign management. We have experience delivering marketing solutions to a wide range of industries including housing, Regulatory authorities and more!



Increased Prospect generation

Market Intelligence

Better market intelligence

Customer Base

Reach a wider potential customer base

Cloud Platform

No infrastructure required


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