Microsoft Azure Integration

Modernise your business with cloud hosted enterprise integration

Microsoft Azure offers a comprehensive suite of enterprise integration services designed to modernise your businesses integrations. With a combination of workflows, Service Bus , API management, low code integration and more. Azure’s integration platform is the perfect platform to transform the way your company integrates their applications and data.

Azure’s integration services offers flexible payment options ranging from pay-as-you-go and monthly subscriptions to help suit your organisations preferences.

Key Services

The key services offered by Azure’s integration platform are as follows:


Azure API Management

Provides a centralised consolidated interface for your APIs. You can use API management to monitor your APIS, secure your APIs, identify errors and more.


Azure Logic Apps

Provides a low code integration platform to integrate your applications & Data. Logic APPs includes hundreds of connectors that enable you to integrate data from a large number of Data sources on multiple platforms


Azure Service Bus

Enables you to simplify your cloud messaging by implementing asynchronous messaging patterns using queues and other messaging services to enable your applications to scale at an extremely fast pace.


Azure Event Grid

Enables events to be delivered at very high scale in a reliable fashion. Designed for very high availability it offers robust delivery of events to a variety of different sources.

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