Microsoft Azure Data Platform

Simplify your data storage with fully managed cloud databases

Microsoft Azure offers a number of fully managed cloud databases that provide flexible data platforms that gives it’s users a consistent data experience across different platforms. With Azure’s Data platform users can build their apps and then deploy anywhere.

The Azure data platform offers a variety of different types of Data service options ranging from traditional relational databases, to more modern NoSQL and document Databases that enable you to create a flexible data structure that is capable of providing high performance and scalability

Azure’s Data services offers flexible payment options ranging from pay-as-you-go and monthly subscriptions to help suit your organisations preferences.

Key Services

Some of the key services offered by Azure’s Data platform are as follows:


Azure Cosmos DB

A fully managed NoSql database that offers high scalability enabling organisations to expand their businesses data storage requirements quickly.


Azure SQL

Fully managed database that offers a relational database model.  Managed database services take care of scalability, backup, and high availability of the database.


Azure Redis Cache

In memory cache that offers high  performance caching with high availability and a very scalable architecture.

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